Buying & Procurement Module

Features of Buying & Procurement (BP) Module

ERP2ALL is enriched with fully established domestic and global financial management system, supporting international and corporate business needs, such as: multi-legislation (Tax and VAT), multi-currency, local accounting requirements and consolidation. You can easily optimise your financial planning process and management with the following:

  • Open item management and tracking;
  • Create user-defined payment process;
  • It's integrated with MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) to better demand and supply management;
  • Control commitments against budget with delegation of financial authority through user control and establishing budgetary control mechanism in place;
  • Create delivery scheduling and receiving;
  • Plan and order with or without MRP replenishment;
  • Comprehensive supplier rating and classification, and statistics;
  • Create and use free pricing criteria and associated rules;
  • Manage payment term scheduling;
  • Robust KPI reporting with dashboard for faster and efficient decision making; and
  • Cover whole buying process starting from raising Material Requests, send Purchase Orders to Suppliers, and record Purchase Receipts.