Uniqueness of ERP2ALL

ERP2ALL standalone simply because it offers:

  • Very reasonably priced and easily affordable, it supports strategic and business planning activities, operational planning and execution activities, creation of materials and resources. All these functions are effectively integrated for flow and update of information immediately upon entry of any information;
  • It has an end to end supply chain management to optimize the overall demand and supply data;
  • It facilitates a companywide integrated information system covering all functional areas like manufacturing, selling and distribution, payables, receivables, inventory accounts, human resources, purchases, etc.;
  • It performs core activities and increases customer service, thereby augmenting the corporate image;
  • It bridges the information gap across organizations;
  • It provides complete integration of systems not only across departments but also across companies under the same management;
  • It focuses on providing an efficient solution for better project management;
  • It allows the automatic introduction of the latest technologies;
  • It eliminates most business problems like materials shortages, productivity enhancement, customer service, cash management, inventory problems, quality problems, prompt delivery, etc.;
  • It provides multi-platform, multi-mode manufacturing, multi-currency, multi-lingual facilities;
  • It provides intelligent business tools like a decision support system, executive information system, data mining, and easy working systems to enable better decisions;
  • It provides business customizable to meet the needs of your market niche; and
  • Advanced reporting methods and high visibility of information.