Materials Management Module

Features of Materials Management (MM) Module

Ideal for trading including retail, distribution and wholesale businesses; or manufacturing simply and easily manage your inventory and stock from movements and transactions to quality control and replenishment. With the inventory management and stock control system you will have:

  • Flexible location management so that you can use dedicated, suggested, or random storage for single or multiple item location with a multi-level warehousing and location management system;
  • Stock management by physical location, batch, lot and sub-lot, quality status, serial numbers, expiry dates with variety of inventory costing methods like FIFO, LIFO, Average and FEFO;
  • Inter-site stock transfers and stock in transit management, enabling you to track lost damaged or stolen items;
  • Consigned inventory and third-party inventory e.g. inventory with sales or return basis;
  • Inventory replenishment with or without MRP with EOQ consideration and rounding off based on packing and transit cost economies;
  • Streamlines with forecast to MRP-I & MRP-II run to generate planned orders, convert planned to purchase order with combining facilities i.e. multiple products with a single supplier. In addition, calculating requirement of raw materials for production of forecasted sale with master production schedule. Capable to covert planned production order from master production schedule and raw materials procurement by purchase order. Can combine raw materials purchase order with merchandise purchase order;
  • Order and product traceability to and from in either way i.e forward or backward;
  • Robust KPI reporting with dashboard for faster and efficient decision making;
  • Track inventory levels up to warehouse / distribution or sales center and make required corrections on manual inspection; and
  • Use Batches and Serial Numbers, and use automated inventory accounting.

Reduce Variability and Deliver Full Materials Traceability

Material variability, incorrect material additions, batch issues, and deviations from specifications are especially costly for manufacturers. Dispensing errors at the beginning of a batch can significantly impact production and quality. Reduce the risk of operator error and improve documentation accuracy with an automated weigh and dispense solution. ERP2ALL ‘s Materials Management module provides a solution that delivers assurance to producers that materials are dispensed correctly and accurately traced through the entire batch process. It allows further improved profitability through in-depth forecasting and reduced stock-outs.

Reduce Errors

Use bar code labelling technology to ensure that the right material, in the correct quantity, with the right label, is delivered to production on time in order to meet your production demands.

It allows further improved profitability through in-depth forecasting and reduced stock-outs.