Payroll Module

Features of Payroll Module

Track Attendance, allocate leaves to Employees, and manage Leave Applications. Record and approve Expense Claims from Employees. Generate monthly Payroll and post to general ledger with auto generated journal entry. It has got following salient features:

  • Prepare, run and pay with minimum effort with our inbuilt payroll function;
  • Wages are automatically calculated while run based on your pre-set schedule: daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly;
  • Post it to general ledger in a click with auto generated journal;
  • Consolidates wage-related items like attendance, salary grade, benefits, reimbursements, leaves, advances, tax deduction, loan deduction to compute wages;
  • Expenses, deductions, loans, advances and other employee costs including various benefits claims, including CBA, allowances and other employee perks are entered, tracked and calculated in this module;
  • Gives loan ledger to account for all approved employee loans;
  • Handle expenses reimbursements based on approved expenses;
  • It helps you comply with various taxes and social security requirements;
  • The system automatically does the calculations based on latest regulations;
  • Provide tools for income tax projections, TDS estimates for tax deduction purpose;
  • Time and attendance tracking;
  • Let you manage multiple shifts and transfers and biometric integration to show real-time clock-in/out;
  • Generate various reports including salary statements, benefits reports or leave summaries;
  • Generate Payslips, and Forms to ensure legal compliance and mitigate risks level in workflow procedures;
  • Send payslip online;
  • Keep employee records and pay related documents.
  • Streamlines workflow, processes to obtained data and runs complex pay roll processes efficiently;
  • Window based with instant help through help window provides a user friendly interface;
  • Enriched with robust self learning help menu containing work process flow, quick instructions, video tutorials and complete user manual;
  • Helping operational and HR managers accurate and timely information to make informed personnel decisions.
  • Robust dashboard helps you to view employee data in one location enabling managers to simplify tasks, reduce paperwork, optimize workflows, and make better and faster decisions;
  • Can handle complex payroll processes: In compliance with current legal regulations in multiple countries. Predefined reports can help you address various legal and compliance issues, increase the visibility and transparency of your HR processes, and simplify overall management of compliance-related concerns;
  • Can help you improve collaboration and efficiency across your entire organization.