Sales & Distribution Module

Features of Sales & Distribution (SD) Module

Sales & Distribution is the heart of any business module. It may be for product or services. It starts from sales order generation to raising invoice after delivery process of product or services. It reduces time spent for your sales team on admin by creating an easy to adhere to sales process. Inventory allocation, picking, packing, delivery scheduling, shipping, returns, and invoicing & sales Credit notes. ERP2ALL is enriched with all industry best practices to make your Sales and Distribution function efficient.

  • Easy to search and select product from linked product master helping you to save typing time.
  • Linked with customer master to search and select customer helping you to save typing time;
  • Classify customer based on sales turnover, debtors turnover, payment habit etc., to serve them better;
  • Customisable pricing rules by item and by customer;
  • Calculate sales commissions by sales person / sales agent or by territory based on respective sales;
  • Track and manage open items;
  • Create your own cash collection process through designing special communication including automated reminders or follow up;
  • Optimize and streamline your Inventory using integrated Materials Management & Buying and Procurement Module to cover whole supply chain;
  • Handle ever increasing new products effectively through robust materials master;
  • Better order processing resulting in improved Customer service levels, Increased productivity, and Increased sales volume;
  • Additional cash flow by better accounts receivable monitoring resulting a lower costs of doing business means higher profitability;
  • Increased overall profitability through increased personnel productivity; and
  • Robust KPI reporting with dashboard for faster and efficient decision making resulting enhanced competitive edge.

With ERP2ALL access across any device, including mobile, your Sales team can manage all of the above on-the-go. It's integrated with CRM gives complete end-to-end sales and marketing visibility; in way better than a typical ERP system can handle.